Who says IE 8 is slow

Guys since last few days i noticed my browser is very slow. The browser was safer and secure IE 8.

Instead of adopting new browser i decided to look into why it is slow.

And just by managing a bit of setting i made it working faster then other browsers e.g. chrome 🙂 .

The reason was:

There were lots of add on added to my browser and i rarely wanted most of them.

Then what i just disabled the unwanted addons and it started working faster.

Below image will help you identifying addons.


Tarun Juneja


4 thoughts on “Who says IE 8 is slow

  1. Well, nice to provide link but, at least in my case, I prefer links to the MS download page as opposed to direct link to file so can read what it does before hand. Any chance you could post the actual page?

  2. If above is not the case then and you feel ie8 is slowbelow might help you fixing the issue………..Some users that upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 experience issues with tabs not working properly or taking a very long time to load. It seems for most users the issue can be attributed to a problem with actxprxy.dll not installing properly during the upgrade. If you have a similar problem with IE8, fixing the issue is as simple as a running one command.Just open up an administrative level command prompt and type in regsvr32 actxprxy.dll and hit Enter. Reboot your computer and your tab issue should be resolved.Make sure you have admin privileges in order to run above command.

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