World’s Most Unusual Hotels

Writing about world’s most unusual hotels

Hotel: The Hobbit Motel










These accommodations might have been designed with hobbits in mind, but humans shouldn’t worry about being able to stand up in here. The Hobbit Motel in Waitomo, New Zealand, features units with specially designed décor to evoke the hobbit habitat in the "Lord of the Rings" movies that were filmed in New Zealand. (Less than 70 miles away in Matamata, you can tour the set of Hobbiton.) And there’s more wackiness right next door — the Hobbit Motel complex also includes a plane, rail car and World War II patrol boat for you to sleep in.

Hotel: Jumbo Hostel

Who says you can’t teach an old plane new tricks? Jumbo Hostel, right next to the Stockholm airport, is a retired Boeing 747, revamped and put back into service in 2009 as lodging for the budget traveler. Jumbo Hostel has 25 rooms with a total of 85 beds, and the former cockpit is now a suite for two with a panoramic view of the airport.

Hotel: Gamirasu Cave

The caves in the photo above have windows — because that’s where you’ll be spending the night. The Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey’s Cappadocia region has been welcoming troglodytes and hermits since 1999, but the cavernous complex’s roots are much older than that — the structure started out 1,000 years ago as a Byzantine monastic retreat.

Tarun Juneja


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