Bhopal gas tragedy: 26 years on, scars refuse to heal

In the early hours of December 3, 1984, 40 tonnes of a deadly toxic gas called methyl isocyanate leaked from a pesticide plant in Bhopal. Twenty six years later, all the eight accused have been pronounced guilty. The fatal gas leak claimed around 3,500 lives, according to government estimates, while rights activists have claimed that 25,000 people have died so far. In the trial of one of the world’s most horrific industrial disasters, a total of 178 prosecution witnesses were examined and 3,008 documents were produced, while eight defence witnesses deposed in the court.



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One thought on “Bhopal gas tragedy: 26 years on, scars refuse to heal

  1. Fourteen-year-old Suraj Raghuwanshi is comforted by her mother in a rehabilitation centre for children who were born with mental and physical disabilities in Bhopal on Wednesday. Government statistics compiled after 1994 concluded that at least 100,000 people living near the factory in Madhya Pradesh were chronically sick, with more than 30,000 residing in areas with contaminated water.

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