Dell replaces BlackBerry with Windows Phone 7 for its workers


Dell has hurt Research in Motion recently by switching its entire BlackBerry-equipped staff to the company’s own phones. More than 25,000 workers currently using BlackBerries will switch over to the Venue Pro based on Windows Phone 7. David Frink, representative of the company, said that the switch would start in the near future, but the rollout is expected to be gradual.

This transition was not unexpected as entering into smartphones gave Dell an incentive to back its own phones. It however represents a snub to Google because it skips completely over current and future Android phones of Dell like the Aero and the upcoming Thunder, Smoke and Flash. Google has promoted the newer models of Android as work-friendly. However, the inherent link of windows Phone 7 to Microsoft services like, for instance, Exchange, gives it a potential edge.

The move represents a symbolic loss for Research in Motion as Dell is an important customer in the United States and this aggravates the current problems it has in the market. After already losing half its market share in the United States last year, it cannot count now on Dell for return clients. Historically, BlackBerry share depended on corporate customers, but it has been under pressure from the rise of non-work use as well as from companies adopting Android and the iPhone.


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