Windows Live Messenger meets Face book chat

Frederic from ReadWriteWeb recently noted the large number of people who have connected Facebook and Messenger. As it’s now been about one month since we released Windows Live Essentials 2011, we wanted to take a moment to talk more about our progress in building partnerships with Messenger that help customers connect to their friends and networks from across their devices.

More than 10 million people have connected Facebook to Windows Live

In the last few updates, we made a number of changes across Windows Live that made it both more valuable to connect Facebook to Windows Live, and easier for you to do this. We’re still early in the release, but to date, over 10 million people have connected their Facebook accounts with Windows Live. One thing that excites us about this is not only the scale of this adoption but the fact that it is already 6 times more than we saw in all of Wave 3 (our previous set of releases).

When Windows Live customers connect to Facebook, they have a number of options to select from, in terms of how their data moves across the two networks.

Millions of people connecting to other sites

While Facebook is clearly one of our largest Messenger partners, there are more than 75 other great companies that are similarly being connected deeply with Windows Live. And from these, over 1.6 million people have connected YouTube to Windows Live, and over 700 thousand people have connected MySpace to Windows Live.

Available across your devices

Partnerships are not only important for connecting Messenger customers with their networks, but they’re also critical to making sure customers can stay connected across their devices. On the PC side, many device manufacturers and retailers are choosing to pre-install Windows Live Essentials on their new Windows 7 PCs – helping bring together a complete Windows experience. We’re continuing to work with these partners to make this possible, and we expect over 100 million new consumer PCs to ship with Windows Live Essentials next year.


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