HTC Omega and Eternity: Upcoming WP7 Smart phones?


File this under “unsubstantiated” with a capital UN: WMPoweruser has heard from one of its tipsters that HTC may have two unannounced Windows Phone 7 smartphones in the works, the HTC Omega and HTC Eternity.

According to the source’s information, the Eternity will be the higher-end of the two devices, shipping with Mango and sporting a 4.7-inch AMOLED display. That’s getting quite close to tablet territory for our tastes, and could end up blurring the line between the two even more. It certainly sounds like it could be stretching-out your pockets, at least.

The Omega, we’re told, would have a 3.8-inch SLCD display, but will otherwise be close to the Eternity’s specs. Both phones are supposed to run 1.5GHz processors (presumably single-core), feature eight-megapixel rear cameras, and support DLNA. Eternity may have HDMI-out, but we haven’t heard about it coming to the Omega.

It’s possible this tipster’s info is legit, but there just isn’t a shred of evidence right now in support of it. Often times we’ll see these smartphone names pop up in trademark filings well in advance of when news of them leaks, and we’re only then able to connect the dots; we haven’t seen HTC apply for Omega or Eternity in either the US or Europe. It could be that this leak was just super-early. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if more news about these models ever turns up.

Source: WMPoweruser


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