Samsung planning to launch a 1Ghz Windows smart phone

Samsung is a busy bee these days. According to reports the company is developing a Windows Phone 7 based smartphone with specs resembling its sensational and successful Galaxy SII model.

The rumors were stirred when a Samsung phone named Samsung i937; presumed to be a Windows Phone 7 Mango device obtained a Bluetooth SIG certificate. The report also indicates that this phone bears similar Bluetooth profile to Mango Windows Phone 7 and has also been showing up on Occasional Gamers list of Windows Phone 7 mobiles.

Another reason why the rumors have gained such momentum is because if a statement made by the Samsung spokesperson at the time of Galaxy SII launch in India. The spokesperson said “Samsung will not just be focusing on one operating system as far as its smart phones are concerned and will be working on all available options”.

The Windows phone 7 device is expected to have minimum hardware requirements. This rumored device is likely to sport a 1Ghz processor comprising of a dedicated GPU and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. This  Samsung phone is also likely to have a bigger 3.6-inches screen with a WVGA resolution.

The phone is quite likely to roll out with Mango update, so it will definitely be fast and more user friendly. Apart from that it will come with 500 applications and a host of other features.

We hope you must be excited about this new Samsung mobile phone, lets wait and watch when it enters the market. Since, there is no word about this Samsung Windows Phone from the company, as of now.


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