Users Turn Off Google TV, as Returns Outpace Sales

Consumers dislike Google TV so much that they are now giving the product back.

Gadgets that use the company’s Google TV software to connect televisions to the Internet are selling so poorly that one of Google’s key partners disclosed Thursday that customer returns are outpacing sales.

Logitech International SA, which makes the Revue set-top box and special keyboard built on the search giant’s technology, said Revue revenue was “slightly negative” in the latest quarter….


One thought on “Users Turn Off Google TV, as Returns Outpace Sales

  1. It would be an extremely great decision for Google to assimilate this into televisions as well as other blu-ray players. They should associate with brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic. Or much better, they can layout their own DVR with tuner. Just to propel the technology forward.

    In the existing form, the googletv is definitely the simplest 10ft web browser. It’s additionally got a decent netflix software, but that’s duplicated almost everywhere. Even at $99, for streaming internet video, I’d certainly get a Roku2 over the googletv. As a toy, though, it can’t be beat.

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