Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Voice-to-text

In an era where technologies compete on brand rather than features, I’m always on the lookout for features that differentiate one platform from another. I think I’ve found a feature that differentiates Windows Phone ‘Mango’ from the pack – Voice-to-text.

Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ was released to manufacturing (RTMed) a few days ago so now begins the long wait for handsets to appear running this OS. But when it does come out, I really like the sound of the voice-to-text feature. here is is being described by Bill Pardi on the Windows Team Blog:

‘On a recent run around town with my wife to grab dinner and pick up one of the kids, a text message came in from my son. Not an unusual event in itself, but what made this message interesting is that my phone read it aloud to me – and I replied back with my voice.’

Pardi calls this a ‘game changer’ and I agree. Voice control on iOS and Android isn’t anywhere near as sophisticated and integrated as this (I’ve never really managed to use the Voice Control feature on iOS at all .. no idea why). And what’s more, this technology actually seems to work!


This is the first time that I’ve actually looked at the Windows Phone with interested … could a workable voice-to-text feature be a killer app or will this be something that we’ll soon see being baked into Android and iOS too?


3 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Voice-to-text

  1. There is a voice-to-text app for iPhone. It’s called dragon naturally speaking and I use it regularly for both sms messaging and emailing while driving. It is nearly flawless at transcribing, even with complex words and phrases.

    But it does not do text-to-voice, which would be pretty cool. But oddly if you are voice-to-texting and/or text-to-voicing..why not at that point just call the person like the good old days? 😉

    • Why download an app when i get it built in


      There are some great new accessibility-related Speech features coming in Mango—using voice to forward calls and setup a speed-dial list. When i saw these, I was impressed.

      In one very cool example, phone stored a number in a speed dial location and then dialed it, hands-free.

      Other things you can use Speech for in Windows Phone include:

      •Making a phone call by name or nickname
      •Redialing a number
      •Calling voicemail
      •Searching Bing
      •Turning on the speakerphone
      •Starting an app while in a call
      •Navigating Maps

      All these features put together makes voice an incredibly integrated part of Windows Phone in Mango, and I think will it set the bar for voice-recognition technology in a smartphone.

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