Windows Phone 8 Now in Planning Phase

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft is gearing up for the release of the next version of its mobile operating system, dubbed Windows Phone 8. Currently, the company is applying the final touches to the Windows Phone 7 OS, and it is also planning the future release, which we might see released sometime in 2012, the same year when Windows 8 arrives on desktop computers.
The news on Microsoft getting ready to start the development of Windows Phone 8 comes from the company itself, via a job listing posted today, October 28, 2010.

According to the said job post, Microsoft is currently working on finalizing Office Mobile 2010, which comes with Windows Phone 7, and is gearing up for Office Mobile 15 on Windows Phone 8.

“We are just putting the last touches on Office Mobile 2010 on Windows Phone 7 which will be a very competitive device and a breakthrough for Microsoft in the Mobile Market,” the job listing reads (via WMPoweruser).

“With Office 15 and Windows Phone 8 planning phase just getting under way, now is also the perfect time to join us and help shape the future of Office Mobile 15 on Windows Phone 8 as we plan to create the next wave of innovation that will lead our product to even greater heights.”

Since it is only in the planning stage, Windows Phone 8 does not have a shape just yet, and there is not much that we could say about it, except for the fact that it would include Office Mobile 15 too.

Of course, it does not come as a surprise that the Redmond-bases giant is already planning the next iteration of Windows Phone, especially since the company has just brought Windows Phone 7 to shelves.
However, specific info on what to expect from Windows Phone 8, as well as on when the platform would arrive on the market would most probably emerge at a far later date.
Until more on the matter is brought to light, we should look forward for the first updates Microsoft plans for Windows Phone 7, as they should bring a nice range of enhancements to the platform.

Among the main improvements, we can count the addition of Cut and Paste features, tethering, ring tones, Flash support, and others more.


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