Nokia 800 and Acer M310 with Windows Phone 7

It does not come too much as a surprise that Nokia is already testing Windows Phone 7 based mobile phones, since the company should make the first such devices available for purchase in a matter of months, but nothing was known on the actual handsets until now.

Nokia 2012 windows phone 7
However, it appears that at least the name of the company’s first Windows Phone device made an appearance on the Internet, and that it would be called Nokia 800.
For the time being, this is the only piece of info known on the mobile phone, and it remains to be seen whether this is the same device as the Nokia Sea Ray that was demoed a few months ago.

Recently, Nokia announced that they were changing all of their naming scheme, which means that the new device might indeed be the said prototype phone.

The smartphone made an appearance on the “reporting page” of indie developer Elbert Perez’s website, as he announced on Twitter.

On that page, a list of all handsets that use his games can be seen, and the Nokia 800 has just popped up, accompanied by another new handset, the Acer M310.

Acer is another new comer to the Windows Phone area, and previous rumored suggested that the company would have a so called Acer W4 handset up its sleeve, so it remains to be seen what the new Acer M310 is all about as well.

Other Windows Phone-based handsets are also present in the said list, which was something already expected, since Elbert Perez offers a series of highly appreciated free games.
Some of the latest speculations on the matter suggested that the first Windows Phone Mango handsets might hit the market as soon as September but no confirmation on this emerged for the time being.

There’s no certainty that Nokia’s first devices based on the new OS will arrive next month too, but they will certainly become available for purchase in the fourth quarter of the ongoing year.

What remains to be seen is how well they would fare when compared both to other Windows Phone handsets, as well as to devices powered by Google’s Android operating system.


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