Welcome Dear Visitor,

Thank you visiting my blog, I am sure my posts were useful and you found them interesting. Still got a question reach me at techcurl@hotmail.com

Still interested knowing more about me …

I am Tarun Juneja. I did my post graduation in “Computer Application”. My roles and responsibilities are to figure out how to use technology to get something done. My other key responsibilities planning, developing and delivering the product or the service.

I am full stack developer who got experience in client side technologies like Backbone, Angular, Ember etc and server side technologies like Node.js, Ruby on rails, .NET, ASP.NET vNext etc Also i got experience with databases like MongoDB, SQL Server etc. Excuse me!  i also got experience in Automating both Frontend and Backend Testing.

Feel free to call me a geek or researcher who loves coding and willing to do some innovation.

My Motto – To become a successful Visionary !!

My Advice – Do whatever you love but……. equally love your family as well!


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